Women and Children Three Piece Belt

Limited Edition #3/5

Dimensions: Woman Figures: 3 1/8″ Tall, Centerpiece: 3 3/8′, Removable Ivory Pendant; 2″ Tall, Overall Length: 6 1/4″

Materials: Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, Fossil Walrus Ivory, Lapis, Chrysacolla, Bruneau Jasper, Coral

Description: Two Women figures with children flank a central Woman Mask with a removable fossil ivory pendant. The belt may be taken apart, and the individual pieces may be worn separately. The “Woman Berry Picker with Baby” on the left features an articulated arm, and may be worn as a pendant. The figure on the right is the “Woman with Baby”, also with hinged arms that move. This piece, as well as the removable baby, may be worn separately as a pendant.   The central mask is also a pin/pendant, and the fossil ivory face may be taken out and worn as a pendant. The complete belt is designed to be worn on an adjustable leather belt.

This is a vintage piece from 1992 and all of the pieces are in excellent condition.

Please contact me at denise@denisewallace.com for availability and price.

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